Police Bust Man With Used Feminine Hygiene Products

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WRIGHT CITY, MO (KTVI)– Police have arrested a 19-year-old man accused of breaking into women’s homes and stealing items.

According to Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison, police responded to the 11,000 block of Cedar Tree Lane outside Wright City around 10 a.m. Wednesday in reference to a home invasion in progress.

A 16-year-old woman came home early from school due to being sick. After entering her house she heard noises coming from the bathroom and realized that there was an unknown male suspect inside the house. The suspect fled the house and ran through the woods.

Police initiated a search for the suspect. Michael P. Stout, of Wright City, was located and taken into custody at his residence down the street.

Further investigation revealed that Stout had been allegedly watching the female residents in his neighborhood. Over the past month he allegedly broke into four homes while the residents were away and stole items such as women’s underwear, clothing, sex toys, food items, an iPod, laptop computer, and photographs.

Investigators located and seized 59 pairs of ladies panties, two sex toys, photographs, assorted items of female clothing, and a Wal-Mart plastic bag containing dozens of used feminine hygiene products from Stout’s bedroom.

Stout was charged with Burglary, Stealing Under $500, and Property Damage.

Bond was set at $100,000 cash only.