Be Careful What You Mix Your Drink With

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(KTVI) - If you like a mixed drink, you better choose your mixer carefully because the mixer you choose can actually raise your level of intoxication.

Dan Duncan from the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Addiction talks about what a new study found. And it turns out, drinking a diet soda with alcohol can actually boost your buzz.

-Why does diet soda mixer add to the buzz?
When you consume alcohol with a diet drink, there`s nothing to digest in the stomach since there are no calories and no sugar, so the alcohol passes through the stomach and gets into the small intestine faster, and then into the bloodstream faster

-What is a better alternative?
Choose a mixer that has calories

-What other ways besides mixers can we keep out blood alcohol level in check?
Consume alcohol with food, and always alternate drinking alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages.

-What kinds of services does the NCADA provide?
NCADA`s major goals is to teach young people the skills needed to resist the pressures to use and abuse chemicals.  We offer youth leadership programs, community service projects, drug-free alternative activities, and a wide range of school-based prevention services.

If you need more information about NCADA, call (314) 962-3456