Hermann Preparing For Next Winter Storm

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HERMANN, MO. (KTVI) – From as far away as Kansas City to as close as Hermann, people in Missouri were bracing Monday night, for their second snow storm in 5 days.

The street department in Hermann expected another 5-6 inches Tuesday.

Most, but not all people there, were in no mood for another round of heavy snow.

They had a little more snow than St. Louis last week and a less melting.

The snow piles there looked more like mountains compared to here.

Much of the 6-7 inches of snow they got in Missouri wine country was still there.

People said it was the most they`d seen there in 4-5 years.

Mechanic, Adam Penning, was pressed into snow-plow duty, driving his grandfather`s tractor with a snow blade attached; plowing for customers or others in need.

If you see a snow pile around town, chances are, he put it there.

'I like doing it, but after 3-4 hours sitting down on a tractor, I`m ready for it to be over with.  It`s time to get back in and get warm,' he laughed.

St. George`s Parish squeezed in its Schwans ice cream fundraiser after it was 'snowed out' Friday.

Schwans drivers had to cancel a few deliveries, too.

'There was 1 highway I did not go down because it was not cleared off.  So I did not want to take the risk of going down it,' said driver, Robin Rohlfing.

Penning wondered where he was going to put the snow this time.

'You can only go so high with the snow piles, that`s the biggest problem...I guess we`ll have to make one right next to it (another giant pile),' Penning laughed.

There was still enough snow for sledding Monday.

There`d been a run on sleds at hardware stores.

Kelly Thompson bought four for her family; hoping Tuesday would be another 'snow day' from school for her kids.  .

'Yep, we`re hoping for a lot of snow.  We have a nice big hill to go on,' she said.

But as of late Monday night, school was still a 'go' for Tuesday in Hermann.

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