St. Louis Needs More Hotels For A 2024 Olympic Bid

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Could the summer 2024 Olympic games be held in St. Louis?  The United States Olympic Committee sent letters last week to the mayors of 35 American cities including St. Louis to find out if they are interested in bidding for the games.

One of the requirements for a city to host is that the it must have 45,000 hotel rooms available for the games.  The St. Louis metro area only has 38,000 rooms.

They Mayor Slay sent a release stating that he and city officials will huddle with the Convention and Visitors Commission and discuss whether or not the city has the correct facilities and infrastructure to even consider a bid.

The United States Olympic Committee sends these letters to cities on a regular basis.  This is not an indication of any preference towards St. Louis as a location for the 2024 Olympic Games.