Ellisville Mayor Impeachment Controversy Continues

ELLISVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- There is a new effort to impeach Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul.

He survived one impeachment move last week, based on a resident's complaint he violated the city charter.

Wednesday night, the city council considers a different reason to remove him from office, a power granted to them under the city charter.

An emergency meeting of the Ellisville council is just getting underway; the council will consider this resolution for the removal of Mayor Paul; among other things.

The resolution accuses him of releasing confidential information from closed meetings; as well as using foul language and drinking alcohol at city hall.

Just last week, the mayor`s attorney was booted from a meeting on impeachment.  In a surprise move afterward, a panel of 3 council members voted against impeachment. Two days later, the council launched a new impeachment effort and called a meeting Wednesday night to consider suspending the mayor, who`s been in office less than a year.  The mayor's attorney was in court late Wednesday afternoon, asking a judge to stop this meeting:  motion denied.

She says the whole dispute centers of a proposal to use tax dollars on a new Ellisville Walmart.  She says the mayor`s opposition to it, swept him into office, in a landslide victory over two of the council members now wanting to impeach him.  She says the council is rushing this through before the upcoming April election, because they`re either leaving office because of term limits or likely to get voted out.

Ellisville Mayor Facing Possible Impeachment Over Tax Money

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