You Paid For It – Nepotism Policy Review Needed For Fox School District

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) - Missouri Education Commissioner Dr. Chris L. Nicastro says that the Fox School District needs review its nepotism policy.  This is in light of the uproar over the school board hiring the board President's daughter-in-law.  She got a high paying job when other candidates may have been better qualified.

Nicastro shied away from criticizing the Fox District. She also said she didn't see the need to change current nepotism laws to make them tougher to hire friends of Board members or high ranking administrators like the superintendent. She insisted its up to local residents to keep a tabs on their school boards.

The legislature would have to change the law. Nicastro doesn't think that's needed; even though current law makes it easy to hire board member's relatives.

Nicastro was formerly Superintendent of the Hazelwood School District and the Riverview Gardens School District.

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