Waitress Fired Over Viral Receipt Tip, Up For Vantage’s Spokester

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A St. Louis waitress whose launched a "viral" story online after she posted a snarky message left on a co-worker's receipt may soon be back in the limelight.

She's a Top 25 finalist in a contest to become a spokesperson for a St. Louis-area credit union.

The job title is 'Spokester" for Vantage Credit Union's Young & Free St. Louis campaign.

It`s a one-year, full time job, promoting the credit union and its financial programs and accounts on social media and the internet.

It may seem reigning 'Spokester' Jenn Cloud was born for the job. She`s intelligent, hard-working, hard-driving - and just the right amount of goofy.

Cloud said it came with the territory. Part of the job is driving a heavily-marked
'Young & Free STL' Nissan Cube - everywhere.

'You have to be a little bit fearless.  Part of this job is being able to talk to anybody, anywhere, either in person or online. The car is part of it too,' she laughed.  'They pay the gas for you too for the whole year.  I haven`t had to think about gas prices since I`ve had this job.  That`s pretty awesome.'

Her term is finished. She said the 'Spokester' job helped her line up a great new job.

Chelsea Welch hopes to replace Cloud.

Welch gained fame when she was fired from Applebee`s after posting a receipt on social media, on which the customer, who was a church pastor, left a snarky remark on a receipt saying, 'I give God 10%'.

Welch became something of a hero to restaurant workers everywhere for taking a stand.

But she said she knew 'Spokester' competition was fierce.

She wanted to make clear, this was not an attempt to 'cash in' on that Applebee`s fame. 'Things like social media, writing, marketing, PR; those are the big fields right now.  That`s what every company cares about.  They care about the social media buzz."

Voting continues through Monday, March 11. Click on the link on this page to vote.

A week later, the top 10 will make presentations before a special panel which will pick the overall winner.

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