TV Spin-Off Quiz

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(KTVI) – Actress Valerie Harper,73, has been reported to living with terminal brain cancer. Harper played “Rhoda Morgenstern” on a popular 70’s sitcom and its spin-off Rhoda.  Do you know what sitcom Rhoda originally appeared in?  Take our quiz.

Take a look back at the stars and television shows that helped to raise countless generations. Test your knowledge on Spin-Off television trivia:

  1. What is the spin-off from the TV show Friends?
    (A) Rachel
    (B) Chandler
    (C) Joey
    (D) Cougar Town
  2. What TV show was Saved by the Bell spun-off of?
    (A) Head of the Class
    (B) Good Morning, Miss Bliss
    (C) Good Morning, Mr. Belding
    (D) Second Chances
  3. Which of these is not a spin-off of The Brady Bunch?
    (A) The Brady Brides
    (B) Brady Bunch Hour
    (C) The Bradys   
    (D) The Brady Boys
  4. What actress appeared in Diff’rent Strokes and its spin-off The Facts Of Life?
    (A) Molly Ringwald – “Molly Parker”
    (B) Charlotte Rae – “Edna Garrett”
    (C) Janet Jackson – “Charlene DuPrey”
    (D) Dana Plato – “Kimberly Drummond”
  5. What city is home to the “Bundy” family in the TV series Married With Children?
    (A) Washington, D.C
    (B) St. Louis, MO
    (C) Chicago, IL
    (D) Gary, IN
  6. What show spun-off of Party of Five?
    (A) Time of Your Life
    (B) Beverly Hills 90210
    (C) Melrose Place
    (D) Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
  7. The character from the Cosby Show who appeared in its spin-off, A Different World, was named “Whitley”.
    (A) TRUE
    (B) FALSE
  8. What original TV series or its spin-off did the character “Jack Tripper” come from?
    (A) Who’s the Boss
    (B) Jake And The Fatman
    (C) Three’s Company
    (D) Cheers
  9. The Boy Meets World actor who played “Cory Mathews” had a sibling star on what show?
    (A) Ghostwriter (Todd Alexander)
    (B) 21 Jump Street (Johnny Depp)
    (C) The Wonder Years (Fred Savage)
    (D) Booker (Richard Grieco)
  10. The TV series Rhoda was a spin-off of what show?
    (A) I Love Lucy
    (B) Mary Tyler Moore Show
    (C) Carol Burnett Show
    (D) Phyllis
  11. In the TV show Mama’s Family what was Thelma’s (Mama) son’s name?
    (A) “Cliff Calvin”
    (B) “Mike Seaver”
    (C) “Danny Partridge”
    (D) “Vinton Harper”
  12. What TV show did The Simpsons originally appear on?
    (A) Tracey Ullman Show
    (B) Sandy Duncan Show
    (C) Dean Martin Show
    (D) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
  13. The Cleveland Show is a spin-off of what popular cartoon series?
    (A) The Simpsons
    (B) South Park
    (C) Family Guy
    (D) American Dad
  14. Which of these spin-offs was set in St. Louis, Missouri?
    (A) Tabitha (spin-off of Bewitched)
    (B) Family Matters (spin-off of Perfect Strangers)
    (C) Joanie Loves Chachi (spin-off of Happy Days)
    (D) AfterMASH (spin-off of M*A*S*H)

Answers to the quiz are listed here.