Halloween Show At America’s Center

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Things that go bump in the night have descended upon America's Center.

"It's really just Halloween in March. That's how I describe it."

Why not, there's Christmas in July. But this is the Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show.

It's bringing a lot of people from around the world to St. Louis in March, with their eyes on October.

"Whether you're a theme park or a zoo or a haunted house owner, really if you're dealing with the Halloween season and this would be the place you come to buy product for the entire year," says Jennifer Braverman the president of Transworld Attractions.

More than 600 vendors of every variety are filling the convention center for this scary   trade show that's not open to the undead, I mean, public.

From candy to costumes, it's all under one roof

"It was successful before the movie and we've sold millions and millions of masks and costumes," says Phil Talio a sales manager with Eastern Unlimited Funworld, creators of the 'Scream' mask.

"It's been copied by many people. We always have to defend our property but it's continued to be a success," says Talio.

Having a successful Halloween for theme parks or haunted houses can depend on how you make up your attraction and the people involved with it.

So, does event organizer Jennifer Braverman have an over the top Halloween at her house?

"Honestly I don't," laughs Braverman.  "My family has been in the business for 32 years and I do not do Halloween big."

But they do at this convention, enough to last until October, or Halloween next March.