St. Louis Officer Lobbying To Legalize Marijuana Lands In Hot Water

ST. LOUIS,MO (KTVI)-- A Missouri group lobbying to de-criminalize marijuana in Missouri has hired a new lobbyist in Jefferson City. He's a St. Louis police officer. And that's creating some headaches within the department.

Sergeant Gary Wiegert has been a city cop for 32 years. He's twice been president of the St. Louis Police Officer's Association.

His other part-time job is as a lobbyist in Jefferson City. One of his clients is the St. Louis Tea Party. Another, is a group called Show-Me Cannibis Regulation, which is trying to de-criminalize marijuana in Missouri.

Gary Wiegert spent years heading the local police union. But his foray into Jefferson City lobbying, may have landed him in hot water at headquarters.

FOX 2 had an interview with Wiegert arranged for Friday afternoon. At the last minute, police refused him permission to speak. And we're told Wiegert has to meet with police higher-ups Monday at police headquarters downtown.

Police Chief Sam Dotson has issued a statement on this:

“Sergeant Wiegert is not representing the department. His comments are his own and not what is expected of our officers.”

FOX 2 will let you know what happens Monday.