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Anheuser Estate To Be Renovated In Kimmswick

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KIMMSWICK, MO. (KTVI) – The mighty Mississippi rolls past St. Louis and its beer history.  But just down the river in Kimmswick sits the Anheuser estate where the past is being preserved.

'This was such an asset to the city of Kimmswick but it's never been utilized,' says Alderwoman Connie Schmitt.

But that's about to change thanks to the Anheuser trust and the city of Kimmswick working to save this historic structure.

This 95 year old home belonged to Fred and Mabel Ruth Anheuser.

'You know the brewery and everybody associates that with St. Louis and this is part of that history,' says Schmitt. ' Fred Anheuser was one of the last Anheusers who worked at AB.  So I think a lot of that is just such great history with everything.'

The family known for colds ones spent their warm summers here in Kimmswick.

After some recent renovations, this old estate will now serve as a showcase for the city as a museum, banquet facility and even host weddings.

'It's beautiful,' says Schmitt.  'It's overwhelming.  There's history.  You can just feel how much history is in this home.'

Enough to fill to fill up a book, which is where they found something

'It just literally fell into our lap was this book with the imprint of a gun cut out of it that apparently Fred or someone had smuggled a gun in or hid a gun in the book,' says Schmitt.
You can see for yourself from top to bottoms up on April 6th and 7th when they'll have a free open house.

It`s a chance to drink up some history.

Find out more: http://visitkimmswick.com/anheuser_estate

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