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Cardinals Look For Voters For New Uniform Hats

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(KTVI) - The Cardinals open the season on the road this coming Monday in Arizona against the Diamondbacks and a week after that, it's the St. Louis holiday called "the Cardinals Home Opener."

Ron Watermon, director of Public Relations for the Cardinals, talked about how the fans can get involved with how the players will look on the field.

Here are your options. Just go online to Cardinals.com or Tweet the following:

1.      #AllBlueSTL:  Continue to wear blue STL caps during road games red STL caps at home

2.      #AllRedSTL: Wear red STL caps during both road and home games

3.      #BluevsRed: Wear blue STL caps on the road but only when playing against red teams

> 4.      #GetawayDays: Wear blue STL caps on road 'getaway days' (the last game of each road series)