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FBI Makes Gmail, Dropbox Spying Powers “Top Priority”

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(KTVI) – Over the last two decades the internet and its means of communication has evolved at an astounding rate. Users have gone from ordering CD’s through the mail to opening apps on the cellular phone to connect to the world wide web.

Today News Gazette reports the Federal Bureau of Investigation isn’t content with the progress the laws have made to combat the web’s accelerated evolution. The FBI have made it a “top priority” to gain clearance to monitor current emails and cloud folders being shared between users.

Currently, Gmail, Dropbox and Skype fall outside of the bureau’s jurisdiction for real-time monitoring. Its suspected that federal criminal activity is being transmitted on a regular basis.

The essential difference between the bureau monitoring emails and phone conversations is access. The FBI depends more heavily on internet service providers to be able to tap into electronic transmissions between users. Today News Gazette says the agency has complaints that without this cooperation they are essentially falling behind the internet eight ball.

By Veron Culley

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