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Powerball Winners Share Jackpot With Co-Worker

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MIAMI, FL (FOX NEWS) –  An office pool in South Florida that picked the lucky powerball numbers is “spreading the wealth.”  A Dozen employees gave $20 dollars each to play the lotto.  But, one co-worker passed, hoping to save her money. So when the group found out they won they decided they couldn’t leave her out.

It is a Powerball win, worth every million dollar smile for the 12 employees at Keller Williams Realty in Plantation, FL. But, it meant employee number 13, Jennifer Maldanado, who just started March 8th came up short.  That was until boss Laurie Finkelstein came up with a plan. The winners will give Madlando a cut of their million dollar prize.

The next time the group plays Jennifer will be sure to play her luck. But, just as good as winning for this group is including her on their prize.

“It touched her deeply, and i think i am getting more joy than she is, and i speak for us as a group.” said  Jennifer Maldanado.

By: Alex Diprato