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Preventing Scams for Elders, Yourself

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(KTVI) - After his 81-year-old stepfather was victimized by a series of scams and frauds, psychotherapist Art Maines, decided to take the bad experience and make something good out of it.

Maines is the author of Scammed: 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself and he explained some ways to prevent being scammed.

Things to notice to prevent a scam.

  1. Never let yourself be chosen for a prize, to give help, or to get your house fixed. You do the choosing, especially when money`s involved.
  2. If someone you don`t know calls you, hang up the phone or send them to your son, daughter, or someone you trust.
  3. Don`t answer the door for salespeople.
  4. Never make a decision about spending money in a hurry. Don`t let a salesperson rush you. Take your time and think it through.
  5. You can`t tell by someone`s voice if they are a crook. Criminals sound like the nicest people you`d ever meet.
  6. Never respond to an email looking for your account numbers, codes, or social security number.
  7. If you are the family member of an elder, keep in touch with your loved one and ask about any possible scam encounters such as phone calls or visits from strangers.

For more information, email Art Maines at Elderlyfraudrecoveryhelp@gmail.com