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Schnucks Credit Card Hackers May Be Outside Area

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Now to a FOX2 follow-up, computer hackers continue to elude investigators.

Yesterday, we told you about a widespread breach involving credit and debit accounts.

The hacker may be someone accessing account information through a processing company outside of the St. Louis area.  Earlier in the week people connected the breach to Schnuck Markets.  Consumers from across the metropolitan area say their credit cards and debit cards were used to buy expensive items in other cities as well as in Canada.   People assumed the local grocer was the common denominator.  Maybe not according to Maryland Heights police Sgt. Richard White.  'Where it was breached it`s not all been centered on Schnucks`.  We`ve got some cases where it’s been breached elsewhere.   Not all Schnucks.'

The store is working with a forensics expert searching for the hacker.  If an account is compromised, your financial institution probably knows before you do according to Dorothy Bell Vice President Vice President Public Relations and Community Affairs with St. Louis Community Credit Union. 'When we notice that there has been any type of issue we notify member customers right away.  That`s something we want to take action on.  We block the card.'
Consumers should be proactive when it comes to protecting their cards according to Bell.  'What you want to do is be a well informed consumer.  Monitor your accounts, all of them, credit cards and debit cards.   Secondly if you notice anything that`s suspicious, contact your financial institution immediately.'

Bell says consumers generally bear zero liability for the fraudulent transactions.   'Financial institutions are federally insured so     we have safe guards against those kinds of concerns.  The responsibility or burden will fall on the card issuer or the financial institution. '

Check or cash may be the safest way to make your purchases while investigators track the hacker.

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