Ex-Boyfriend Arrested For Killing Pregnant Mother In Front of Children

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI) – A man is charged for allegedly killing a pregnant woman while her five children were in the house early Monday morning.

Terrance A. Duff, 40, was charged with First Degree Murder, First Degree Burglary, and Armed Criminal Action.

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“It’s sad anytime we have a homicide and especially sad when it’s a domestic related homicide and you have children involved,” said St. Louis County Police Lieutenant Jeff Fuesting.

The body of Antoinetta Davis, 32, was brought out of the home where she lived on Florence Place in Jennings a little before 5:00am Monday.

Police say Davis was allegedly shot to death in the overnight hours by her ex-boyfriend Duff.

Investigators tell us six kids, ages 2 to 13, were all in the house when she was shot and killed, five were her kids and another was a visiting cousin. Davis was 6-months pregnant.

In fact, police say Duff is the father of some of the children and the children could have seen their mother murdered.

“We don’t know that exactly right now if they did see or did not see it,” said Fuesting.

What is certain is that some of the kids rushed from the home to the Jennings police station to tell officers their mother had been shot. But when officers got to the home, Davis was already dead.

The home where the shooting happened is right across the street from the Jennings police station.

A source tells us she had been shot several times.

Police started searching for the ex-boyfriend, but he turned himself in around 4:30am without incident at the Justice Center in Clayton.

Much of the attention is now focused on the children. “Right now we just want to reach out to the family to make sure the children are safe and we’re going to offer them any type of counseling that the children need to help them out to understand what happened,” explained Fuesting.

Fortunately, the children were not hurt.

Police say the ex-boyfriend did not live at the home.

At this point, police have not released how Duff got into the home. Duff is currently in jail on no bond.

County police say this is the fifth murder in Jennings since last December.