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Tax Tips As The Deadline Approaches

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(KTVI) – April 15th is approaching and many people are 'freaked out' about the tax deadline. Peter Lazaroff, from Acropolis Investment Management, stopped by to talk a little about some tax tips and how to help yourself.

*You can still put money in an IRA before April 15th and STILL deduct it from your 2012 return

*If you are doing your own tax return - DON`T!

*Get your return checked by a professional – there may be many credits and deductions in education, child care, charity, others, that you may be missing

*Start Planning for your 2013 return because TAXES WILL BE HIGHER IN 2013

*Investments: improve your tax position by contributing to an IRA AND taking part in your employer savings program. This reduces your tax burden and saves money for retirement.