Pujols Says He May Not Play Out His Contract With Angels

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(KTVI) – Former St. Louis Cardinals player Albert Pujols told the LA Times he won’t play out his 10-year contract with the Angels if he doesn’t perform up to standards.

Pujols, 33, is only two years into his $240-million contract with the Angels.

“God has given me ability and talent, but the day I feel like I can’t compete any more on this level, I’m not going to embarrass myself. I’m going to walk off. Whether it’s next year or two years from now, only God knows,” Pujols told LA Times.

If Pujols leaves the Angels, he is not allowed to come back to the Cardinals due to his agreement. The deal forbids Pujols from appearing as a representative from any team, other than Anaheim, for 10 years after his retirement.

Pujols will face the Cardinals this season, but the games will be held in Anaheim. If the schedule keeps up as is, Pujols won’t have to face the Cardinals in St. Louis until 2016.

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