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Last Summer’s Drought Making Basements Leak

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI)-- Lots of rain in the forecast this week could force homeowners to deal with an expensive problem they never had before: wet basements.

The Missouri River level dropped so low last summer boats that had sunk years ago were exposed.

This week the water level is predicted to jump another nine feet, a few feet below flood stage.  We can use the rain but some homeowners want it all to go away.

Thomas Kirgin`s O`Fallon, Missouri home was built 12 years ago and in those dozen years his basement has always been dry, until now.

Companies like Helitech are super busy. They blame last summer`s drought.  The extreme heat and lack of rain turned lawns yellow and killed trees. And it dried out the clay soil.

Cracks form and then all the rain starts leaking through those cracks that homeowners never had until last summer.  That`s what happen to this house.

Business has jumped 60 percent. A repair job can cost from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of bucks, in the case of this home, about a thousand dollars.

He told me as soon you notice a problem get help right away, the leak is probably only going to get worse over time.