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Baby Dies & Mother Injured After Car Slams Into Bus Stop

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NORTHWOODS, MO (KTVI) -An eight month old baby girl is dead after she and her mother are hit by a car at a bus stop in the 6900 block of Natural Bridge Road in Northwoods.

"I couldn`t believe it," said Andrea Noldan, an employee of a nursing home just across the street from the accident scene. She was looking out the window when the accident happened.

"I screamed and said, oh my God, a baby and a lady just got hit by a car."

The crash happened shortly after 11:00 A.M. Monday when 41-year old Larry T. Jones, who was heading to a dialysis treatment, suddenly swerved from the east bound lanes of Natural Bridge, across the west bound lanes and onto the sidewalk, hitting the woman and her baby at a Metro bus stop.

The car then crashed into the sign for the Love Discount Store, rolling over in the air, finally coming to rest in the store`s parking lot.

The Missouri Highway Patrol report says the cause of the crash was the result of a medical condition.

"She went up in the air real high and then she hit and was trying to get up but she couldn`t," Noldan said. "The baby was in the grass.  They had to find the baby."

Erica Betts, who identified the driver as her uncle, lives in the neighborhood and rushed to the scene.

She said Jones had been experiencing blackouts for some time, but refused to give up driving.

'He didn`t want to depend on us to take him around. He wanted to get some of his independence back, ' Betts said.

'He wanted to show he was getting better.'

The owner of the store, Vera Merriweather, heard the accident and called 911.  And then she heard something else.

'She kept saying is my baby alright, is my baby alright?'

David Smith, a volunteer firefighter certified in CPR who happened to be in the area rushed to the scene to help.

'I did about 8 to10 breaths and on the last breath the baby responded and exhaled a little but was not showing a lot of life,' Smith said.

Jones is listed in serious condition.

The mother, 39 year old Erica Hughes is also in serious condition.

The baby`s name was Alyja Hughes.

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