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Lion Tacos Pulled From Florida Restaurant

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TAMPA, FL (WFTS) - A FLorida restaurant has pulled lion meat from its menu after an up-"roar" from some customers. Taco Fusion is known for serving all kinds of exotic game but it seems the lion meat caused the most controversy.

Since opening back in February Taco Fusion has been known for their unique tacos. They serve things like the beaver taco, the otter taco and even something called the camel taco. But it wasn't until they started serving the lion taco that got people around town to start talking.

For about $35 you can try one of these specialty tacos.

Initially, the restaurant planned on selling lion tacos as long as people continued buying them.

Taco Fusion released a statement on its web site after the lion meat sold out: "SOme of you were supportive, some of you were angry. We listened to everyone and decided to no longer carry lion."

THere are still many other specialty tacos on the menu, including: shark, gazelle, ostrich, rattlesnake and kangaroo.

By: Jason Beisel

Source - CNN