Jugglers Getting Married At The Circus

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Kate Peterson and Franklin Kock have big plans under the big top this weekend. Circus Flora was a first date for this couple.

"I went to Wash U and I was an avid juggling club member and one Summer Kate started showing up too so we met there and went to a juggling festival together." said Franklin Koch.

they topped off the night to remember with some Flying Wallendas and the rest was history. But, this isn't the first formal wedding for Circus Flora.

Circus Flora founder David Balding and his wife Laura exchanged vows under this the big top on June 13, 1994.

"The circus has provided a lot of inspiration to David before I met him and then for me. And since we're together, sustenance." said Laura Balding.

Come this Saturday, Kate Peterson & Franklin Koch will say "I Do" in the center ring. Then begin their journey of juggling the ups and downs of life.

Since it's not everyday there's a marriage on the midway, David Balding has some advice. "Stay cool. And now the tent is air conditioned which made a big difference when we got married. And enjoy life, that's the main thing."

Words of wisdom for some ring wearers from a couple of ringleaders.