Mobile Banking Fees On The Rise

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Banking fees appear to be coming to your phones and tablets.  As more and more banks offer the speed and convenience of mobile banking they are also finding that it can be a lucrative revenue stream as well.

US Bank has been charging fifty cents per mobile check deposit since 2010.  Regions Bank charges $5 for immediate access to funds deposited digitally.  Wells FArgo doesn't charge for remote check deposit it does tack on fees for what it considers premium mobile services, like bank-to-bank transfers and emergency bill pay.

"As long as they're keeping these fees very modest, fifty cents, a dollar, it's unlikely to take the consumer to the level, off the edge of the cliff that acts as an incentive to cause them to move their business to another bank." said  John Ulzheimer of

Some banks have elected not to charge fees for mobile banking and customers say those fees can be frustrating. While most banks agree customers eventually will pay some sort of fee on their mobile app, there's been no unanimous decision on how the charge will be applied.