Local Woman’s “Lego Leg” Goes Viral

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ST. LOUIS. MO, (KTVI) - Christina Stephens is a woman on the move and losing part of her leg earlier this year to an accident didn't disable her. Instead it inspired her to make a video that's changing lives.

"I have met a lot of people along the way my Facebook page has a lot of amputees on it now. I really didn't think it had that kind of viral video potential." Said Stephens

The 31 -year -old occupational therapist posted a video on YouTube last month that shows her building a prosthetic leg out of Lego`s.  So far the viral video has over 730,000 views.

People from all over the world are watching to see how Stephens made her own prosthetic leg and she did it with hundreds of Legos, all of it in just over 2 hours. She says her family has collected thousands of the plastic toys over the years.

"It`s mostly just for fashion you can't really use it I really would like to make another leg out of Lego`s that you can actually walk in so as soon as I get some Lego technic pieces I will probably do that."

Christina’s husband says his wife has always had a positive outlook on life.

"Some things might seem horrific to a lot of people she will take it in stride and find something productive and positive to do with it.' He said

30 videos and millions of views later Christina Stephens is taking charge of her new body and she's hoping her message can inspire others to understand that life goes on after amputation.

"I want other people to be comfortable in their own skin and if they are amputees to be more comfortable with their limb difference. Being able to build a Lego leg on the bottom of my residual limb it makes me feel superhuman." She said

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