Crime Commission Creates Reward Program To Counter Drug Abuse

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(KTVI) - Drug abuse is a big problem across the country and there is one Illinois organization looking to crack down on officials with drug problems.

The concept is designed to fight drug dealing and abuse in a way that goes beyond just getting dealers off the streets.

The recent spike in teen heroin cases and the controversy of alleged drug use by judges in St. Clair County and others is what prompted Jerry Elsner and the Illinois State Crime Commission to offer a $10,000 reward. They want information that won’t only get dealers off the streets, but hold elected officials with drug issues accountable.

The crime commission has been in action since 1994 and Elsner says his group is trying to do what they can to put a stop to today’s epidemic.

Elsner says the face of users is changing. He believes more suburban kids are getting hooked and recruit other kids to use.

The group has $1 million of donated funds available to help the cause. The $10,000 reward will only be offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction throughout the month of July. Elsner says he's hoping the reward will draw people with information to come forward to help restore confidence in elected officials.

Elsner says he is hoping for good results and hopes to repeat the reward program in the future.

What else have they done to resolve the issue? Elsner says his group has asked the state to create a task force to help crack down on what they are calling a medical epidemic.

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