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Kirkwood parents react to selection of district for transfer students

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KIRKWOOD, MO. (KTVI) – The Riverview Gardens School District has selected Kirkwood as the second district it will send transferring students.

However, in a statement the district revealed that it will only have room for about 100 students.

More than 1,100 students from the Riverview Gardens School District have applied for the transfer program.

They will be dispersed to various schools thanks to a court ruling allowing students from poor performing districts to transfer to better districts.

"I think it will work itself out," Kirkwood Parent Sarah Wood said. "Those students deserve a chance to learn."

The Melville School District is also slated to receive about 150 students from the district.

Parents who selected the Mehlville School District on their transfer applications can change their selection, but they will only have until Aug. 1 to make the change.

The Riverview Gardens School District will have to pay around $12,000 per transfer student.

"There is a possibility that this could bankrupt the district," Riverview Gardens Superintendent Scott Spurgeon said. "We are asking parents to give us a chance to show them a new spirit at Riverview Gardens."

Many community leaders are also worried about property values taking a dive if the district goes bankrupt.

Normandy students can also transfer to Kirkwood schools, but they will have to find their own transportation.

Important Update on Transfer of Students from Unaccredited Districts

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