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Shoplifting mother tosses baby through open window

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL. (KTVI) – An Illinois mother was locked up Tuesday night, accused of tossing her baby into her car through an open window while on the run from police, in Fairview Heights.

Police said thankfully, her son, 1, was not hurt.

His mother, Mykayla Bator, 23, of Swansea, was caught shoplifting from the Fairview Heights Kohl’s store, Friday afternoon, and made a run for it, police said.

Court documents alleged she stole more than $300 worth of clothes while with her baby in the store.

“She’s carrying the child while she’s stealing from the store, which is fairly bold and kind appalling in itself,” said Fairview Heights Police Lieutenant, Steve Evans.

He said the Kohl’s staff saw her shoplifting, followed her out of the store, and saw her throw her baby into the car.

“The infant was, I’m using the word ‘tossed’ in … tossed in through the open rear window of the car… while our officers were responding to Kohl’s they saw that car.  The car was driving westbound on Longacre Drive which is within blocks of Kohl’s,” Evans said.

Officers stopped the car on the 100 block of Ruby Lane, the baby still unsecured in the back seat, Evans said.

Court documents also accused Bator of illegal possession of the prescription narcotic, Hydrocodone.

Evans said police found it in her purse.

The shoplifting and drug charges are felonies.  Bator is also charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

Fortunately her son uninjured in what was potentially the most serious of her alleged crimes.

“The crime she was charged with, endangering the life of a child, is for exactly that.  Obviously tossing an infant into the back seat of the car endangers that child’s health and life,” Evans said.

A man living near Bator’s home told us he was a relative and was babysitting her son, Tuesday.  There was a little boy with him, he appeared to be fine.

The man said the boy’s father was taking care of him now, but the father had made a quick run to a store.  The man said the family otherwise had no comment.

Bator’s bail is set at $40,000.

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