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Teens reprise brother sister roles in Mary Poppins at the Muny

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – If Aidan Gemme and Elizabeth Teeter have a chim-chim cheery disposition, it's because they've been a brother and sister before.

'No we did it together on Broadway,' says Aidan Gemme who plays Michael Banks.

'What was that like?' asks Patrick Clark.

'It was so cool,' exclaims Elizabeth Teeter who plays Jane Banks.

Gemme and Teeter first teamed up as brother and sister Michael and Jane Banks in the musical Mary Poppins.

But after the big apple they jumped at the chance to reprise their roles for the Muny stage.

'Yeah because it's not every day that you get to replay a role and such a big role,' says Gemme.

'Yeah, it's a really big part,' adds Teeter.

'A kid's role,' says Gemme.

Eleven year old Teeter, originally from St. Louis moved to New York to play Jane Banks.

And although they're playing the same siblings, they had to relearn how to step in time with a different cast.

'Broadway the stage was kind of made for Mary Poppins,' says Gemme.

'The choreography is all different,' says Teeter.  'It's different in a lot of ways.  We get to dance more.'

'We do, which is nice,' says Gemme.

When they're not being watched by their English nanny, it's uncanny how the two can accomplish a cockney accent, even if they weren't trying when they sang God Bless America at a recent Cardinals game.

'Yeah we practiced together here,' says Teeter.  'I left through the game because I was tired from rehearsal.'

'I stayed,' says Gemme.  'They won.'

And it's possible these two will win you over, after all a spoon full of sugar changes their characters on stage.

'You see a big transition with Jane and Michael,' says Teeter.  'They're really good kids.  People might not see that in the beginning.'

'You have to act like a kid to be a kid 'says Gemme.

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