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Many come for yoga at Busch Stadium

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Cardinals have not been home for several games still there was a lot of positive energy flowing from Busch Stadium Thursday night.  It was the place to be to strengthen your mind and body, people practiced yoga.

Yvonne Pitts took part and she said, "It`s like crazy, it`s so exciting when we found out about it we said we have to do it."

Hundreds of people filed into Busch, each carried a yoga mat.  As many as 1,800 folks got together to practice yoga, a record breaker according to Julia Row, the Cardinals` Director of Special Events, "The largest number of yogis that have congregated anywhere in the city of St.Louis."

It was a special treat for yoga followers who also love the Red Birds.  One woman said, "It`s neat to step on the ground here and do yoga."

Busch maybe the perfect place for the event, instructors like Roxanne Krummenacher said yoga is a favorite of baseball players and pros in other sports, "A lot of athletes do it to prevent injury to help with mental focus."

Danielle Tridenti, yoga Instructor added, "Yoga is about unifying the mind, the body and the spirit."  They said they do it by creating lots of positive energy. They`re hopeful some of that energy will remain behind for the Cardinals when they return to play at Busch.  Julia Row said, 'It can`t hurt to have all that positive energy on the field.'