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Biological father battles Capobianco family in rocky adoption battle

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JAMES ISLAND, SC - The bitter custody battle over a 3-year-old girl doesn't appear to be over, despite a court ruling.

The South Carolina supreme court ordered the adoption of the little girl known as baby Veronica to be finalized. Matt and Melanie Capobianco legally adopted her before the birth father asserted his custody rights. The couple thought the fight was over but they still don't have Veronica.

The beginning of Veronica's transfer back to South Carolina never began. She never left Oklahoma, where she's living with her biological father, Dusten Brown. Last week he asked the Capobianco's to 'just stop' in their attempts to bring Veronica back to James Island. Now, Brown's attorney's plan to bring the custody battle to Oklahoma courts.

But that road is getting rocky and state and local law enforcement agencies may get involved. The Capobianco's are praying things don't get to that level. Still, want both families to be part of Veronica's life.

The court order to immediately return Veronica to the Capobianco's was sent to the Charleston County solictor and the U.S. Attorney's Office. In a statement, the U.S. Attorney's Office told us they received the order and are consulting with state and federal law enforcement to determine the most appropriate next steps.

Source - CNN