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High school football players enjoying cooler summer temps

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- High school sports began their training camps this week.

Thanks to Mother Nature, football programs have it easier then years past.

Cool temperatures have coaches worrying less about their kids overheating, and more about preparing for the season.

Players and coaches remember all too well this time last year, the 90 to 100 degree temperatures, high humidity, heat warnings and cases of heat exhaustion.

Taking the field this week to temperatures in the mid 70s with a light breeze is a breath of fresh air.

At Kirkwood High School, home of the defending Class 5 State Football Champions, week one has been a surprising treat so far, with daytime temperatures being breezy and in the 70s.

Wednesday evening was the Pioneers first day with the pads on, which is usually dreaded by the players when the temperatures are in the 90s like last year.

Training camps are never fun for anyone when the temperatures are that high.

The players and coaches have safety concerns, but also time constraints caused by the heat as well.

The Pioneer coaching staff still makes the players take frequent water breaks, because even though it's nice and cool outside right now, problems with dehydration can still occur despite the cooler temperatures.

High school football has the highest heat regulations due to the amount of padding the players wear, that sometimes cause overheating.

MSHSAA has rules in place that call for mandatory water breaks and cool downs for all football practices and games when the temperatures exceed a specific heat index. Week one of the football camp this year has seen temperatures in the 70s with a slight breeze, which has made practice conditions much easier on the players.

The nice weather also allows the players to practice more, without the mandatory water and cool down breaks implemented.