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Parents upset with transportation plans for transfer students

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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO (KTVI)-- Thursday is the first day of school in the Mehlville district and that means it is also the first day of school for students transferring to it from Riverview Gardens.

But for those students taking the bus to Mehlville, it turns out their day will still have to start at a Riverview Gardens school anyway.

That`s because the district has come up with a transportation plan using several of its schools as centralized pick-up points for transfer students.

The schedule was put together within the past few days, and pick up times have changed as recently as 2:30 P.M. Wednesday.

A parent who spoke to Fox 2 News says she and many others who have transportation issues of their own are concerned that their kids will have to walk long distances to get to those pick-up points.

But Enos Moss, the district`s Chief Financial Officer says  the centralized pick-up plan for now is the best option.

"Rather than just pick corners, or every corner in the district, it just wasn`t reasonable to do that," Moss said. "So in the haste of trying to have something developed we said we`ll have our school sites as pick-up points."

The transfer students have no assigned a pick-up point, so they can choose from the list of schools which is most convenient for them.

And the district says if it finds out any child has to walk more than a mile to get to the nearest a pick-up point, it is willing to try to come up with an alternative.

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