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Rock Hill Book House moving to Maplewood

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ROCK HILL, MO (KTVI)-- It's been a Rock Hill staple for almost 30 years. But the Book House is packing up to relocate to Maplewood.

But the move comes with its hardships.

It’s the little book store in Rock Hill that took on the giant book store retailers of the world.

And for 30 years, did what many book stores couldn't, stay open.

But next month this historic spot will be closing

It wasn't the big corporate machine that is forcing this closure, but the landlord who sold the property to a developer.

The owner Michelle Barron thought her problems were solved when she signed a lease for a new building nearby, but the cost to renovate this building have doubled.

And Michelle doesn't have the funds or the ability to get a loan for the amount needed to bring this building up to code.

So she is reaching out for help. Hoping that there are still people who want book stores like this around.

With the eviction and the financing problems with the new store, you might expect Michelle to have some regrets.