Taking kids to public restrooms

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It's a dilemma most parents will face - your child decides one day he or she is too old to go into a restroom of the opposite gender.

So, what should you do and what are the risks?

Pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann and Mom Doc with St. Louis Children's Hospital talked with Randi Naughton about these questions.

Public Restroom Survival Guide:

--Never send a child into a public restroom alone.

--Instruct your child to use a private bathroom stall rather than a urinal.

--Avoid restrooms with more than one entrance.

--Stand in the door and talk to your child throughout their time in the bathroom.

Find out more: http://childrensmd.org/browse-by-age-group/toddler-pre-school/when-can-my-child-use-the-public-restroom-alone/

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