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Teacher’s union says political process to blame for unaccredited schools

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Teachers at the unaccredited Riverview Gardens and Normandy School Districts are represented by the National Education Association Teacher's Union.

The teacher's union says the blame being placed on them is a smokescreen. And that the real culprits in failing schools are poverty and the indifference of state lawmakers.

The union says most people tend to forget that 3/4 of the students in Normandy and Riverview Gardens are staying in those unaccredited districts and not transferring elsewhere.

And the union says it's that political process, not lazy or incompetent teachers, that's responsible for the problems at many school districts.

But despite that, the Missouri NEA claims it’s optimistic that the Missouri legislature will make progress on education in January.

The earliest the general assembly would tackle education is January, when the next regular legislative session starts.

And by January, we might see several proposals about fixing the schools.

The teacher's union and others will push for hundreds of millions more in school funding. Conservatives will continue arguing for school vouchers and charter schools. But the union at least thinks some compromise may be possible.