10 things to know: Tuesday, September 10th

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It’s Tuesday, September 10th and here are the stories making headlines.

1. Child’s Body found:  The Illinois State Police have taken over the case of missing Willow Long of Watson, IL after the body of a child was found Monday night.  Investigators have not confirmed whether or not it is Willow. The search for Willow, however, has been suspended.

2. Syria Deal? Um, what just happened?: President Obama’s war drums continue to beat, but an offhand comment from Secretary of State John Kerry has set in motion a diplomatic effort by Russia to ward off a U.S. strike in favor of mediation. Read more…

3. HOT HOT HOT! Temperatures will be in nearing 100 degrees again on Tuesday.  There is a slight chance of a pop storm or two Tuesday afternoon. Hot again Wednesday then a cold front Wednesday night will bring a change in the weather. Be sure to stay indoors and take care of pets. 

4. Smoking Ban :   A proposal in St. Charles County could ban smoking in early enclosed public area in the county. The only exceptions would be businesses where only adults who are 21 years and older can have access, like a bar, nightclub or Ameristar Casino. Read more…

5. Accused killer on the loose:  Authorities in Illinois are searching for a murder suspect accused in a September 1 shooting death.  Police say Torcus Boone Sr. should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have any information on his whereabouts, contact the Illinois State police.

6. Don’t wash your chicken?  That’s what a new study says. Sounds kinda ‘fowl’  but Find out why.

7. GOTCHA! Remember the twerking video where the woman accidentally sets herself on fire?  Well, everyone who thought it was a set up was right! 9 million views later, Jimmy Kimmel and his team say they set the whole thing up. Watch the full video.

8. INDIA GANG RAPE Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty: Those were the verdicts today in the trial of four men accused of gang raping and murdering a 23-year-old woman on a New Delhi bus last year. The vicious attack shocked and angered India, where a woman is raped every 22 minutes. The victim’s father wants the four men to hang. We learn tomorrow what the judge decides.

9. ABORTION PILL CASE Shattered trust: It’s one thing to not share your girlfriend’s excitement when she tells you she’s pregnant. It’s entirely another to secretly plot her abortion. That’s what John Andrew Welden did. He told his girlfriend she needed antibiotics for an infection. But instead of amoxicillin, he gave her Cytotec, which caused her to miscarry.

Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to killing their unborn baby. If he’d gone to trial, he’d have risked life in prison.

10. iPHONE REVEAL Revolutionary or evolutionary?: We know we’re getting new iPhones today; that’s the worst-kept secret intech. But what we really want to see is: Does Apple have any more tricks up its sleeve? Or are we now relegated to a future of piddly updates?

CNN’s Dorrine Mendoza contributed to this report.

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