10 things to know: Wednesday, September 18

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(KTVI) – Here’s some of the stories making headlines around St. Louis and the world.

1. How to combat crime in St. Louis? That’s the question local and national officials are asking today at an Urban Crime Summit taking place at SLU Law School.   Attorney General Koster says the summit’s goal is to explore meaningful solutions to the problem of urban crime plaguing cities in Missouri including St. Louis and Kansas City.  Koster points out that both St. Louis and Kansas City consistently rank in the top 10 nationally for high levels of violent crime.

2. Chupacabra or not?  A Valley Park woman says she saw the mythical creature that is said to kill animals then suck their blood. But was it a Chupacabra or just a mangy dog? See the pictures and judge for yourself.

3. A small town had a big brother with vandals this week.  People living in Livingston, Il woke up to widespread vandalism.  They even hit City Hall and the mayor’s home.

4. Need a job? You could get one at Ballpark Village.  They are currently hiring for more than 1,000 jobs. And you can actually express your interest through the Ballpark Village Facebook Page.

5. A five-year-old wandered away from school and no one seemed to notice.  Find out how the kindergartener was helped and what her parents are saying about the incident.
6. Navy Yard Aftermath How did we not know?: The more we learn about Aaron Alexis, the more people are asking that question. There were enough red flags. He was arrested in 2004 for shooting out someone’s tire. The Navy knew that. He was discharged as a Navy reservist in 2010 for misconduct. Eight cases of misconduct. The Navy of course knew that. And just a month before killing 12 people at the Navy Yard, Alexis told police that people were following him. He could not sleep. He was hearing voices coming through walls and floors. Police told the Navy that. Through all that, Alexis kept his “secret” clearance level that gave him access to the Navy Yard. Why?

7. Colorado Floods  Will the misery ever end?: Last week’s floods are still causing havoc this week. A Denver-area neighborhood was evacuated Tuesday. About 600 people were stranded in a nearby county. Some lucky people were allowed to go home this week after flood waters receded and found out they were not so lucky. Flood waters had pushed some homes around like furniture. Kelly Hunt said her Boulder-area home was crushed and pushed several feet by rushing water and mad.”Today is our first day up here since we’ve been evacuated,” Hunt told CNN. “And I feel like it’s worse than I thought it would be. We lost absolutely everything we own.”

8. Georgia Kidnapping  Where is Ayvani?: That is what the FBI and police are asking after this stunning home invasion. The details are chilling. Two armed men stormed an Atlanta area home at two in the morning. A woman in the home frantically tried to hide her two children. But the men found them. They demanded cash and jewelry. When they didn’t get it, police say, they shot the family dog. They ran out of the home with 14-year-old Ayvani Hope Perez. That was Tuesday. An Amber Alert has been issued saying Ayvani may be traveling in a gray Dodge. When she was taken, the teen was wearing Star Wars pajama bottoms and a blue and gray superhero shirt.

9. U.S. and Brazil Meeting
Was it something we said?: Or was it the reports of spying? Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s state visit to Washington was postponed. It was supposed to be next monthbut allegations that the U.S. spied on Rousseff’s chats have complicated things. The spying claim came from information apparently leaked by Edward Snowden. This is not the first mess related to Snowden, the former agency contractor who previously admitted leaking U.S. surveillance information to reporters. Brazil was outraged by the claims. And President Obama vowed to clean this up by reviewing American intelligence activities. But that review could take months. And that is not quick enough, both leaders agreed, to save this meeting. The two presidents, the White House said, did not want the visit “overshadowed by a single bilateral issue.”

10. North Carolina Police Shooting

Forgiveness and justice: This weekend, police shot and killed an unarmed man, only to find out that he may have been running to them for help after crashing his car. The details sparked outrage. After the crash, Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M University football player, had hobbled to the nearest home looking for help. But a startled woman inside called the cops, thinking someone was trying to break in. When the officers arrived, Ferrell ran toward them. One officer fired 12 times. Ferrell was struck 10 times. That officer is now facing voluntary manslaughter charges and the ire of civil rights leaders. Ferrell’s mother, Georgia Ferrell, says she forgives the officerbut she wants justice.

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