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Did you know St. Louis has a secret ballroom?

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Image of the ‘Gold Room’ courtesy of Preservation Research

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A boarded up building on Tucker may be hiding one of the city’s most beautiful treasures. The old Jefferson Arms hotel houses a dance hall that has been untouched for the past 85 years. The ‘Gold Room’ was locked off to tenants of the building. It is now the focus of Michael Allen’s new article in his blog at the Preservation Research Office.

According to Allen, “The hotel ballroom looks barely different than it did when the the city’s elite were celebrating the admiring gaze of the entire world.”

He says two-story former dance hall has mirrored plaster walls, gold accents, balconies, and a large crystal chandelier. It can accommodate up to 1,200 people. The room is now labeled as a “Banquet Hall.” It has hosted many large dinnersbut the original design is for dances.

See more pictures and read more details at PreservationResearch.com


  • Tonia Fujimoto

    This is a beautiful place. They should restore it to its grand glory. Do you how much money they are loosing on this place they could be making thousands off that room and I am very sure many people would use this place for wedding receptions especially if they restored it to what it looked liked in its hay day instead of fixing up to look like a brand new room. Oh and the chandelier, gorgeous that should never go either.

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