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Missouri lawmakers frustrated over federal government shutdown

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is calling on congress to get a budget deal done. He says some significant state programs are impacted by the shutdown because they get federal dollars.

Governor Nixon is not the only Missouri lawmaker calling on congress to act. So is congressman Lacy Clay Junior who is pointing the finger at one man on Capitol Hill for holding up the vote.

"We could end shutdown today if speaker Boehner would bring up a clean, continuing resolution and let the majority of the house vote on it, I think thatresolution would pass." said Rep. Lacy Clay - (D) St. Louis.

"It is time for them to get a deal. These are solvable problems and seem to be reoccuring." said Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Clay believes the state has enough resources to keep programs like women, infants and children, and nursing home inspections going for now. But, if the shutdown drags on those programs will be jeopardized.


  • Nowhere_Freeway

    the senate could have avoided the shutdown by acting on one of the CRs that the house sent over – even to delay the aca for a year.

  • pamrich1234

    Congressman (and I use that term loosely) Clay should shut his big fat, lazy, entrenched through give-away programs mouth. Perhaps he could organize a march.

  • Todd Schisler

    Well, Pamrich1234 – he will organize that marchonly after he goes to the Cards game tomorrow and parking his car on 7th in front of Bush Stadium….again

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