Tattooed Jesus billboards have Texas buzzing

LUBBOCK, TX – Billboards showing Jesus covered in tattoos have popped up all around Lubbock, Texas. There’s 59 of them, to be exact. Although they may be somewhat shocking to some, the group behind them says it’s part of a campaign to bring the message of Jesus’ love to everyone.

The idea came about as a unique way to reach people that aren’t involved in church, and Jay says the controversial image is natural.

“There is controversy when our Lord and Savior was on this Earth, and one of the things He said and the things He did, and I know some people see this as a little bit of a controversy. What’s really cool about it is that it’s really a love story. As you get involved in it and you look at the video, I believe it draws you into that story.” said Jesus Tattoo Volunteer Jay Corner.

Jay hopes this is only the beginning.

Source – CNN