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The Digital Divide: Workshop for Adults 50 and older

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(KTVI) - An age-related digital divide exists in this country.  It widens every time new technology is released.  Today, workshops are underway to teach older adults how to use new technology like the iPhone.
Amy Van De Velde with The Oasis Institute talks about the workshops.   The event will feature 20-minute individual coaching sessions with an AT&T representative who will patiently answer questions and help attendees learn to use their cell phone or iPad features.Instructors will provide hands-on assistance with basic features, such as how to access the Internet, use the camera and send emails and text messages.SMARTPHONE 'TECH TRAINING' FOR ADULTS 50+
The Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Avenue, Clayton, MO
TODAY - Thursday, October 17
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Space is limited
To register, call 314.862.4859 ext 24

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  • Curmudgeon

    I’m 59 and I just left this comment from my iPhone. I’m not sure that when I turned 50, that suddenly I turned stupid. I’m glad my employer doesn’t have the same opinion about old folks.

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