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Cost of getting World Series tickets

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St. Louis (KTVI) – If you own a World Series ticket, you could trade it for a diamond ring.  That’s just one of the offers on Craigslist from a Cardinals fan hoping to score a ticket.

The Better Business Bureau warns eager Cardinals fan to be careful.  There are plenty of scams.

The St. Louis Cardinals partner with StubHub.  You can buy tickets at www.StubHub.com.  Standing room tickets are selling for about $400.  The most expensive seats are being offered for $16,000 each.

Stephen Gray is the owner of Sportix USA.  His company started selling World Series tickets on Wednesday.

“We started selling tickets at about 300 dollars,” said Gray.  He said by Sunday afternoon the market average for a standing room only ticket was $383.

“I’ve been priced way out of the market,” said Doug Barth, Cardinals fan.

Gray said it is difficult to know whether the prices will increase or decrease closer to Wednesday.  He said supply and demand will dictate the prices.

The St. Louis Cardinals encourage fans to continue to check www.cardinals.com.  Its possible tickets could become available if other teams return any tickets to the Cardinals.

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