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McDonald’s new order: a third drive-thru window

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(HLNtv.com) — It looks like two drive-thru windows are not enough to keep burgers and fries at McDonald’s coming in an orderly fashion. The fast-food restaurant announced it will add a third.

Called the Fast Forward Drive-Thru, the new feature is designed to help usher those waiting in line along and ensure that the flow of customers moves as it should.

Lisa McComb, director of McDonald’s U.S. media relations, told HLN that customer response to the additional drive-thru has been positive and that it will be added to new and rebuilt locations starting in 2014.

McComb said in a statement, “It enables customers to pull forward to receive their orders at a third window when their order is not yet ready. This test, along with other recent additions like double-lane and side-by-side drive-thrus, will enable us to better serve more customers quickly …”

Lesson learned: Don’t stand between someone and a Big Mac.

By Colette Bennett


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    With this third window, Mickey’s should be able to get a burger and fries out the door in less than FIFTEEN MINUTES now! Whew, that’s fast! But that’s corporate America for ya! Efficient and talented as always!

  • Mel Jordan

    Many locations already had a third window that they have boarded up and a location near me is getting the new remodel and they covered the window up with the new wall. McDonalds just needs to add a couple of more staff to the kitchen and cook things fresh and their problems would be solved. This holding your burgers and such in little drawers then serving them up lukewarm is just not cutting it.

  • Mariah

    Making every order cook-to-order is not an option at McDonald’s. The public does not realize how long food takes to actually cook. Once you all work in a mcdonalds establishment, then you can give your opinions on how to correct the problems. But from a customer point of view with no actual experience, you have no idea what goes into making mcdonalds a multi million dollar restaurant.

    • Joe

      At my McDonald’s, all the burger patties, chicken, and fish are precooked and sitting in warming bins. Getting the correct condiments shouldn’t take forever, and half the time they’re screwed up anyway. And all the while the low skilled workers want $15 an hour to compensate for their poor career choice.

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