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Tornado leaves three people dead in Brookport, Illinois

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BROOKPORT, IL (KTVI)-- One of the tornados that tore across Illinois on Sunday left three dead in the small town of Brookport, Illinois, just across the Ohio River from Paducah, Kentucky.

It hit at approximately 2:25 P.M.

Within minutes, three were killed, and in a town of just under 1000 people that is especially devastating.

The tornado cut a path several miles long but only 250 yards across.

Most of the damage in Brookport is in two mobile home parks, where about 50 homes were damaged or destroyed.

Two of the deaths were about five miles east of town in an unincorporated part of Massac County called Unionville.

They are identified as Kathy George, 58, and Robert Harmon, 56.

The third person killed, Scholitta Burrus, 63, lived in Brookport and had been widowed just six months ago.

"There is nothing left of her home. Her car is still sitting therebut she`s not," said Tonya Hogue, Burris` niece.

"She was trying to get out of being depressed from losing her husbandbut she was happy she was going to see her son on Thanksgiving," Hogue said.

In addition to losing her aunt, Hogue says another aunt of hers was critically injured in the storm.

Several more people were injured with everything from cuts and bruises to broken bones.

The National Weather Service says the damage was done by a single super cell tornado, probably an EF1 or EF2, though at times it may have been on the low end of an EF3, with peak winds of about 140 miles per hour.

As of Monday night, the bridge across the Ohio River to Kentucky remained closed because the storm damaged the guardrail.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was scheduled to tour Brookport Monday evening.

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