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Woman helps finish project at City Museum

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Sharon Von Senden is finally finishing something she began before the city museum first opened.

"You look around and you remember what it looked like when you first started," says mosaic artist Sharon Von Senden.

Von Senden was a member Cassilly's crew that turned the former international shoe building into a museum unlike any other.

"I started with this quite a few years ago," says Von Senden.

But co-founder Bob Cassilly had other ideas when the museum opened in October 1997.

"Just as soon as you'd almost get through with something, he'd decide something else needed to be done," says Von Senden.

Von Senden's work can be seen throughout this repository of repurposed architectural and industrial items.

It`s a collection of Cassilly's imagination that continues after his untimely death September 2011.

"It was one of the hardest things that...we at the museum had ever been through," says Von Senden.

Cassilly was killed when a bulldozer he was using overturned at his Cement land property in North St. Louis.

"He was an absolute genius," says Von Senden.  "He'd come in the morning and take a piece of chalk and make wild sways with it, the piece of chalk."

It was Von Senden's job to create the masterpiece in a mosaic, which she still does and loves to this day.

"I think it's because you can get lost in it," says Von Senden.

Visitors will be able to get lost in the new castle being constructed outdoors.

Some windows broken during yesterday's high winds will be replaced.

And Sharon Von Senden will continue creating mosaics for children of all ages.

"I just feel like there can't be enough glitter in a woman's life," says Von Senden.  "I just absolutely love sparkly things."