My Neighborhood: The first Imo’s location was in the Shaw Neighborhood

(KTVI) - St. Louis is also been made famous for "The Square Beyond Compare" - which got its start right here in the Shaw neighborhood.

Ed & Margie Imo began their journey to St. Louis pizza history in the spring of 1964 in the Shaw neighborhood.  At the time, Ed was a tile setterand he simply wanted to make a better life for his wife & growing family.

As devoted Catholics, they would wait until 11:30 every Friday night to order meat-topped pizza from one of the many Italian restaurants to their home on the Hill.

After several years of picking up late-night pizza, they thought: "Wouldn't it be nice if a restaurant could deliver the pizza to us?" So, Ed & Margie opened up their first parlor at Thurman & Shaw.

It is believed to be the first carryout an delivery parlor west of the Mississippi. Ed continued to work as a tile seter, slicing squares of linoleum by day and pizza by night.

Their first cash register was a fishing tackle box. With no experience in retail or the restaurant business, they fueled their vision with stamina & determination. There are now 92 locations with 80 in the St. Louis area.

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