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5 -Year-old soccer prodigy from St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI - He's only five -years -old , Alex Gonzalez is considered a soccer prodigy from St. Louis , Missouri. Gonzalez has been making waves in sports pages . Alex's parents say the young boy lives and breathes soccer . He 's a fearsome competitor on the soccer field . The young boy is a natural , using his skills on the field for the St. Charles Youth Soccer Association .

Alex scores goal, after goal ,after each game. In fact ,in one game Alex scored 12 goals. "He's a great kid , but he's also a great soccer player and he plays soccer all the time," said his mother Laura.

Alex family is from Argentina where his mother says soccer is a big deal . Alex loves watching great teams and players and he loves to emulate them, In fact his favorite player is Lionie Messi from Barcelona.

Alex favorite Soccer player is considered one of the world’s best player Lionel Messie, for example,Messi, a 5'7 soccer player born in Argentina but playing for Barcelona, He was brought up in Barcelona’s soccer academy from an early age. Years of training now have allowed him to be worth more millions.

Alex mother says what amazes her the most is her son plays a great game but he also watches soccer on TV and he pays so much attention to the games. Although Alex still has a lot of growing up to do, some would say he's destined for greatness . His parents hopes one day Alex could lead the United States to A World Cup Glory.

Whether Alex will be the next Messi, as he dreams of, is far from certain. But Alex Gonzalez will be one to watch in the future.