It’s official: IKEA to open store in St. Louis city

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Rumor is now fact.  A new IKEA store is coming to St. Louis.

In the Central West End of the city of St. Louis, the Cortex tech hub filled with politicians and business leaders who also happened to be IKEA fans.  They often hit the internet, or even the road, to get some inexpensive Swedish furnishings.

It looks like the road trip just got a lot shorter.

Before, the closest IKEA was in the suburban Chicago area.  The store is wildly popular with St. Louis customers taking a five-hour road trip or paying delivery costs after ordering online.

The international home-furnishings company has 38 locations in the United States with zero in Missouri, for now.  But, it looks like that will all change soon.

“Last year, we announced that we will be opening a Kansas City Area story in fall 2014. I know.  I know,” chuckled company spokesman Joseph Roth.  Several in the crowd rolled their eyes and laughed nervously.  He continued.  “In Fall 2014. This morning, we are announcing a new store right here in St. Louis to open in 2015.”

Roth said the company built its U.S. presence on the coasts, and now it is time to fill in the middle in Heartland America.  The new store will stand on the corner of Vandeventer Avenue and Forest Park Parkway in the Central West End.

This may not bereason to celebrate for all St. Louis IKEA fans.

Expedite StL, IKEA St. Louis Home Delivery, and Blue Square Delivery STL all offer to make the road trip to the Chicago area for local customers.  With a new store at home, those companies lose some punch and possibly some customers.


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  • Joe

    15 years ago, IKEA sold some nice stuff. Now its mainstay is cheap Chinese wooden do-it-yourself furniture, made from illegally harvested timber from Siberia. St. Louis will love this store.

    • Joe

      It won’t be competition to Carol House, as their customers like nice things. It will be a great place to furnish the double-wide, though.

    • Shawn McDonald

      It won’t be in competition with Carol House because their customers like things that look like they came out of a mid-century brothel.

      There are no gold fringe tassels hanging from IKEA furniture.

      If you don’t like the Euro-minimalism style, I’m sure Brooke has a fainting chaise with your name on it, and I’m sure there are four digits on the price tag. Go with God. Enjoy.

      More parking for me.

  • Debbie Ramsey

    Love the user/space friendly items. I just wish it would be utilizing the old Chrysler plant, might be rough getting in/out.

  • Ronald blumplin

    Am I the only one who thought there was already am ikea somewhere in Missouri?…idk I could be wrong.

  • dsjp

    It might be possible that I am the ONLY person in STL to not care about this. Unfortunately I saw this over and over and over on the new this morning. WHO CARES!

  • Jackie

    I’m all for it!!! I CARE! A bit of good news is always a plus! Just think…tomorrow all we will be hearing about is the SNOW!

  • Ed Golterman

    This is described as a ‘Cortex’ expansion, and also includes their raising funds for their own private METRO link stop. A lot of nerve being demonstrated in the center. Cortex is a massively tax- subsidized, tax exempt science and technology research center, with what they do with money-hidden from the public. The are not a government to broker retail centers deals and to commandeer a new METRO stop when south and north are under-served by the transit system. The legality if all of this? Someone should determine.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Well, Ed, at least those millions aren’t going to “…lazy blacks who won’t work” as I’m sure the inferior half of our country who subsribe to Tea Party Thought would say. Nope – Republicans or Tea Party Conservatives never have ANY problem at all handing out BILLIONS in taxpayer welfare handouts to their wealthy friends in corporate America – it’s only when welfare actually goes to POOR people – who need it most – that the Tea Party gets all riled up about it! Otherwise, welfare for the Cardinals or Boeing or oil companies or developers, or projects like Cortex, is a WONDERFUL use of welfare handouts, according to the hypocrites of the far right. Thanks for a thoughful post – rare here.

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