UPS leaves Christmas present in trash can

Posted on: 10:31 pm, December 12, 2013, by , updated on: 05:50am, December 13, 2013

BARNHART, MO (KTVI)– A Barnhart mother believes her daughter`s Christmas present was accidentally thrown away.  Tracey Sole found a UPS notice in her mailbox indicating a package was delivered in, ‘In black trash can.’

Sole says the package was delivered on trash day.  She believes it was thrown away before she got home.  The package was an Android tablet.

“I was crying all night,” said Sole.  “I saved for months to get that for my daughter.”

Sole contacted UPS and says the company told her to contact the company she ordered the tablet from.  That company told Sole they could send her a new tablet, but there is no guarantee it will make it to Barnhart by Christmas.

A UPS spokesperson told FOX 2 an investigation is underway to determine what happened.  The company also offered the following information:

•         UPS drivers will deliver a package that does not require a signature.  This is an accepted industry practice.
•         At UPS, we call this practice ‘driver release.’ Our drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and protected from inclement weather. UPS drivers use an Info Notice to inform the customer of the package location – if it is out-of-the-ordinary or not along the daily walk path.  If it is a dense urban area with multi-unit residential high rise buildings, drivers will leave the package in front of an apartment, if he/she can get inside a secure door.
•         Also, shippers always have the option of selecting our Signature Required Service (There is a surcharge of approximately $3.00 for this service)
•         Use My Choice as an option to prevent theft. UPS My Choice customers have more control over when and how their packages are delivered. For example, members can tell drivers where to leave a package, reroute the package to another address or have it delivered to a local The UPS Store.
•         With UPS My Choice®, consumers have flexibility and control to manage their residential deliveries and avoid those ‘sorry we missed you’ notices left on the door. Registered members receive a free text or email message the day before the package arrives eliminating the need to continually track packages


  • Looks like UPS is using this as an opportunity for advertising…very sad.

  • John says:

    These idiots left my iPhone 5s at a neighbor. We have good neighbors though :)

  • Joe says:

    Did the driver put it in an empty can, or on top of garbage? If the can was empty, the package wasn’t thrown away, as the garbage collectors don’t usually collect twice in the same day. If the package was placed on top of garbage, then the driver is bozo, but I can’t believe anyone would be that stupid.

    • UPS drivers are the worst. I deal with them daily in my line of work and I can tell you they do not care about your packages. I’ve seen more product destroyed by the carelessness of drivers than I care to think about. This does not surprise me in the slightest! All they care about is getting it where it has to go. They care nothing for the contents of the packages or what happens to them once they leave the truck. UPS response to this incident is indicative to how they feel about their customers which is pretty much nothing so long as they get their money.

    • ep tor says:

      Putting a package in a trash can is always stupid because everyone knows it’s used for trash. Anyone could have seen him put it in there and just stole it. They need to put it in a reasonably safe place – the trash can isn’t.

  • Tori says:

    We had a package delivered before that we could not find. For weeks we called customer service trying to figure out where the driver left it. In the summer we decided to bar b que, opened up the grill on our back porch and there was the package. Inside our bar b que pit in the back yard!

  • Denise Matson says:

    Ups driver here did the same thing to our neighbor but there package was never found. Said they left it on the porch but it was not there. I am home all day and i see when the ups truck pull up and i never saw him put it there and then he said he left it at a neighbors house and they checked the other 2 houses next to them and they never saw it… I never saw them drop it off anywhere so now they are told to leave it with me since i am here all the time and they know they are sure to get it..

  • Mark Howard says:

    Our house they deliver at 7:00 at night,have never seen such late night delivery before.

    • Mari says:

      Expect any time deliveries at this busy season. Thank goodness these workers are trying to get your packages to you. I had a package delivered at 7 p.m. tonight , my porch light was not even on….door bell rang and I was GRATEFUL!

      • Martie Wilson says:

        Thank yous to UPS people. Calif has sent a few thousand of their team to go to work in Dallas just to get packages movin out . my daughter n law is one of them. Prayerfully she will be able to be home by Christmas Eve to be with her own children. Things got bogged down with the weather there and needed more help. Merry Christmas to all of you who are at home with your families. Merry Christmas to our troops and their families.

  • Brylee Nausley says:

    In 2009 the ups guy delivered my class ring to the wrong house and they tried to pawn it. They said it was a a sub driver.

    • Eva Riley says:

      how do you know they got it and tried to pawn it? did the police help or did UPS investigate? as expensive as class rings are these days I’m surprised they would have trouble pawning one. just curious

  • tammy johnston says:

    sounds like a neighbor stole her package are a scam… ups wouldn’t dare do something that stupid no one wants to lose their job around the holidays…check the handwriting problem solve………

    • Kevin says:

      I know her and I can tell you that this no scam on her part she the most sweeties and caring woman that I ever knew

    • Robert Schimit says:

      Scam? Seasonal UPS drivers are known to leave things where they don’t belong. I have them in my antique cars, under my deck, under a car, And I live in a rural area so pretty safe to leave right on the deck. It is called, I want the money, but really don’t want to work to get the money………not restricted to UPS, lately U.S Mail has been as bad……..

    • As anyone with common sense would know, any company can and does hire the undesirable! So to say that UPS would never do that cause no one wants to lose their job is being naive! SERIOUSLY!!

  • michelle says:

    UPS always leaves items in a car that is in my driveway. So I believe they left it in a trash can. They have also left it at a side door to the garage and many other places. So we basically scalp the whole outside of the house before calling now.

  • Tracey Sole says:

    UPS has apologized to me. The package was placed in the trash can. The trash can was empty when the package was put in there, because I could not get my trash up my driveway on the ice. I guess he thought the empty trash can meant that they had already picked up. UPS is going to be getting a new tablet for my daughter… before Christmas! Thanks to all the people who offered to get her a tablet or money for one. While I refused all offers, I would like to suggest that your donations be made to toys for tots! When I say “I saved for months,” I mean I have a Christmas savings account. I put $30-$40 a month into the account so that when Christmas comes, I can splurge on my daughter and my son! I also, take some of the money and have my kids pick out toys to donate. I am fortunate to work for an amazing company, and I am able to support my kids just fine. The idea was not to get money, it was to get UPS’s attention so I am able to get the tablet that ordered and make things right. UPS is doing just that, and everyone that I have spoke to since has been wonderful! I am going to request that this driver, though he has made a huge mistake, not be terminated from his employment. I know I am not an HR employee of UPS, but maybe my opinion will matter. I appreciate Fox 2 helping me with this matter. I also appreciate that UPS is doing what they can to make it right! Merry Christmas everyone!

    • I’m a friend of the UPS employee in question here and this is what I have to say based on the information. First I want to say that these guys have been working thirteen hours a day to get everyone’s packages to them on time. So let’s give them a break for leaving it if there’s no signature required. Secondly, the only reason a UPS driver would leave a package in a trash can is if he feels like there’s no other place to put it where it’s hidden from view and safe from the weather. And yes, the trash can was empty and as Ms. Sole stated the can was NOT on the curb. It was close to the front of the house. In my experience, trash men will not retrieve a trash can from in front of the house. They only empty it if it is right on the curb. I doubt it was thrown out. More likely it was picked up by someone who observed the delivery and decided to take it..

      • Tracey Sole says:

        The trash can was on the curb, not by the house. However, it is always by the curb, and I bring my trash up to it instead of rolling it up my steep hill. He made a mistake, but we all make mistakes. It wasn’t his mistake that made me call Fox News, it was UPS’s inability to solve the problem on their own. Instead of realizing that they made the mistake and they needed to fix it, they had me call the company I ordered it from. The company said the investigation would take 8-10 business days, and it just so happens that the item was backordered, so they could not give me a time frame on when they could send a new one. UPS should have taken responsibility for it instead of giving me a runaround. Now, UPS is doing what they should have done without me having to go through all of this. I am supposed to meet with the supervisor on Monday and I will talk to them about your friend. I have made mistakes at my job, and I hope that this will not be a reason for them to terminate him. I can guarantee it will never happen again after all he has been through.

    • Josh Puchall says:

      Your story still makes no sense the more I read it. If the can was empty and not at the curb for pickup, how would it have gone out as trash even if the UPS driver left it in there? Either you are flat out lying or someone grabbed it out of there after it was delivered.

      • Tazandra says:

        Josh … are you incapable of reading? The trash can was ON THE CURB. She leaves it on the curb, as she is on a steep incline and cannot pull the cans up and down said incline when full.

        She is not bashing the driver. She simply stated that he, admittedly, put the delivery INSIDE the trash can located ON THE CURB. The trash can was either emptied by the trash company ( ours goes by several times a day to make sure all cans were emptied, as they skip houses due to it being a one way street that backs up traffic for quite a ways if they hit every single house the first time) … or it was possibly taken by someone.

        The issue, though hard for you to understand, is the package should never have been left inside of a trash can on the curb.

        UPS admits the mistake made by the driver, so I’m not sure why you’re trying to make the lady look like a scam artist. I understand he’s you’re friend, but friends make mistakes. Mature ones admit it, rectify it and move on… not try and sully someone’s reputation just because they’re buddy buddy with the one who made the mistake.

      • LM says:

        I have to agree with you Josh, her prior story says she couldn’t get it up the icy incline….I’m confused!!!!!

    • Tracy. says:

      Tracey Sole, UPS was not giving you the run-around. They told you to contact the shipper because technically the shipper is the customer since they generated the shipment. From there, the shipper notifies UPS and a follow up is done. It’s the way it is always done. It might not be the way that you or others think it should be done but it is unfair to say that because they told you to contact the shipper that you were getting the run-around. If your shipper had your item in stock, they could have sent you a replacement right away and there wouldn’t have been a problem. But since they didn’t have the item, it became a problem and you wanted someone to fix it, understandably. I personally consider these types of things irritations and not problems. Go visit Cardinal Glennon if you want to see a problem. Getting the news involved seems a little extreme.

      • Judy Hill says:

        I agree. I am assuming you received a tracking number. If you are not going to be home, and have an important package coming in, leave a note stating where you would like your package put or make sure someone is home. Better yet, place a box or something by your door to receive the package. If it had been left in the snow and ice or visible, I am sure some would still complain. These guys are doing their best this time of year. The recipient also has to make an effort.

    • Dennis says:

      Why didn’t you just call them instead of going to the news with it, UPS would have done the right thing anyway. Everybody these days wants to make a big deal out of everything.

  • Anecia Finch says:

    But to put it in a trash can they wrong super wrong and UPS makes me ill…he need to be thrown in the trash can

  • Danielle says:

    I wouldn’t trust ups. We live on a farm, and our driveway is 2 miles long. We have horses and gates. We have one ups driver who always delivers to us. No matter how many times we’ve told him and reported him he always leaves our bottom gate open, and that gate leads to the highway. Our horses have nearly got out every time he has came.

    • Eva Riley says:

      my UPS driver will not open the gate or come on the property. He always just left whatever on the ground until I put out an aluminum box for him to leave packages in. It’s the size and shape of a “show” box and we chained it to the fence. This has worked well, so well that my neighbors bought a box and did the same. You should try it.

  • Shellie J says:

    Not all people are scammers. Shame on you if that’s your first thought without knowing the full story..

  • PiC says:

    UPS drivers are busy, and knocking on the door and interacting with a person takes too much time for them. They dump the package somewhere as quickly as possible and run away, so that they don’t get stuck talking to people. This is what I’ve been told by delivery drivers.

  • Ashleigh Kozieja says:

    I don’t know if I believe this or not I’ve used ups for awhile never any problems. I have a family member who works for them he would never leave it in a trash can. Either a robber making it look like ups. Or a mother who is trying to get over on everyone??? Don’t know her or her situation but if I was an investigator I would see if its a false report..

    • Tazandra says:

      Oh for Pete’s sakes… just because you have never had a problem with the company doesn’t mean other people can’t have problems with the same company. UPS admitted, by the delivery notice AND through the company, that the package was left in the trash can on the curb.

      Why on earth do you have to immediately jump to insulting the lady by saying she’s possibly scamming the company? Tablets are able to be tracked. UPS and the driver admitted the package was left in the trash can on the curb, it was trash day. UPS is getting her a new tablet. The last has even declined offers of tablets and money from people, asking instead that if they wish to help out they could donate some money to Toys for Tots. Sounds like a real scammer to me! * heavy sarcasm *

  • K says:

    I came home last week to a package on my door step that had a day glow green sticker on it that read “Signature Required” on the top of the box clearly visible when you looked at it. I wonder who signed for it because it was just left on my door step. I totally believe it was left in a trash can.

    • aupsdude says:

      A sticker that says signature required. Doesn’t mean anything to the driver. It’s the barcode that he scans that counts. The shipper is trying to avoid paying for service. When they put the sticker on it.

      • Idrive4brown says:

        Beat me to it. One of the routes I run a company ships things out with a Signature Required sticker on it, but don’t pay for the service. I remove the sticker. If you choose to try to get a service without paying for it, I will make sure you don’t get it.

  • Matt Higgins says:

    I receive deliverys almost weekly from UPS, and they always do the right thing by me. Leave packages right by my front door, and ring doorbell.

  • BS1 says:

    UPS once left a package marked “Fragile” on a second floor balcony that has a 3′+ high railing and no ground level access – i.e. they had to toss it up and over the railing.

  • Velma Beale says:

    UPS used to honk, or come to the front porch and ring the bell before leaving a package. This year the driver just leans it against the wall beside the garage door…in the snow. One electronic device had the storage battery drained and damaged before we found it.

  • Roy says:

    The shipper must pay for signature required. Not just put a sticker on it. You can write anything on the box. When scanned the board will tell you if it needs a signature.

  • My Dad has used the same UPS store for years. So when I moved across the parking lot to a different townhouse he put my new address on the label when he took the box to UPS. Despite the large white label handwritten in black sharpie, UPS still insists on delivering to the address that I use to live at. And this has gone on for 4 YEARS!! Our driver will also leave a package outside our door no matter what the weather … or despite the fact that we have repeatedly asked them to drop of packages at the community office (they always go there anyway),

    • Tracy. says:

      UPS leaves the package at the address on the label. If you want UPS to leave the package at your new address then make sure the UPS store that generates the label for that box does it correctly. UPS goes by the label with the tracking number, not what’s written on the box. The problem is with the shipper, not the deliverer.

  • Dave says:

    I ordered a rare DVD (Donna Fargo Highway dedication) from Nashville and never got it. Six months later, my 2 boys were jogging down our rural road and about a mile down they found the DVD case lying in the ditch next to the road. Of course the disc was gone but the case still in tact but badly damaged from weather. I assume someone had stolen it off the front porch kept the DVD and tossed the case in the ditch.

  • Laurie says:

    Why on earth would the UPS driver leave a package IN A TRASH CAN?!?!? That’s the most inane thing I’ve heard in my life! It’s pure laziness that the driver couldn’t be bothered to do his/her job properly, and leave the package in a more suitable place. For example, by the customer’s door, on a covered porch, etc.

    I’ve been through this as well. I’ve had packages stolen from my porch, and I’ve put notes on my mailbox that all packages are to be brought to my door, at the rear of the building. Apparently, UPS and FedEx both hire the illiterate, because I still find packages left on the porch. I’ve asked multiple times that they don’t do this,but they still do. And I’m home all day most days, working from home, so there’s no excuse.

  • Katie says:

    I had a package delivered while I was home on my porch that I never could find. I had actually checked out my door when the ups worker was delivering stuff on my street and I had no package – I ended up having to pay for a replacement and told them ups not to deliver on my porch anymore. About 2 months later I came home to all my regular mail thrown on my porch and the other day packages on my porch again – after they were told not to do this. And we wonder why they are going out of business.

  • Anita Janes says:

    I have 2 different pictures of where they delivered packages to our place… one of them tossed in the middle of the barn road (1/4 mile from the house and the road is almost never used) and the second.. tied in a tree back off the same road… I am disabled and neither place is easy nor convenient for me to get to.. the local manager told me to get someone else to deliver my packages or come into town and pick them up… town is 25 miles one way and they are only open to pick up packages from 5 pm to 8 pm…

  • Denise says:

    UPS left a package of mine last night tied to a tree limb hanging at the end of my driveway. Didn’t put a thing on the website about where it was delivered and until I got in my car this morning for a second time and drove my driveway did I find it. What the hell kind of service is that?

  • Kelly says:

    Around here they like to leave the packages in the garage, right behind my car. I have backed over many a package. Idiots.

    • Franklin says:

      You don’t look behind your car before backing up? Remind me not to walk near you when you’re driving.

  • angela52376 says:

    Maybe it’s because I live in a smaller town, but UPS has NEVER EVER left a package anywhere but somewhere on the porch where it would be visible to us when stepping up on the porch (but not necessarily visible by someone merely walking by) or if possible if the package is small or skinny enough, put it between the screen door and front door. I can’t imagine anyone with any common sense putting a package in a trash can. Not only would there be the possibility of it being hauled away but also the germs and general yuckiness that is present in a trash can. Blech. If there was no other possible place to leave the package, the delivery person should have left a note for the recipient to call and arrange a place for it to be delivered directly to the person or to give UPS instructions on where to place the package.

  • A.S. says:

    Wrong house deliveries: If you don’t have anything including yourself to hide, put up a house number, clearly visible from the road, preferably reflective, so the driver can see it after dark. Repair number stickers on your mailbox and put your name on it, too.
    Delivery locations: Post a post-it at the door where you want it, chances are, your regular driver has been sent on a different route for the holiday season. If you place your order online, fill out the section ‘Notes’. Include all, including directions, alternate bad weather drop-off locations or contact phone numbers. It’s printed out on the shipping label. Drivers have plastic bags on board, but if your back porch is not covered, and it isn’t visible from the truck, put out a plastic bag yourself as curtesy. It’s not your first winter weather rodeo, take responsibility!
    Signature/delivery confirmation: The drivers are required to get those for all computer- or related devices. Shippers require it, and because the drivers have to cover their own behinds. If you are able to complain on an online newspaper, you should be able to track your package and be home when it arrives, and to get your items before Christmas. Otherwise, mark it as ‘Hold at Location’, go to the UPS or FedEx store and pick it up there.
    Hunting for packages: I’ve seen porches, and I wonder how in the world would anybody spot a recently delivered package in the middle of all the garbage….

  • Williemojorisin says:

    Stuff happens.

  • Brian Downer says:

    UPS used to be pretty cool on delivery , but now you’re getting downright incompetent !

  • Wendy Olson says:

    I love my UPS driver. He puts my package by my door and knocks loudly so I realize he’s been there. If he leaves the package elsewhere, he leaves a note and it’s in a safe place. he always has a smile on his face and cares about his customers.
    UPS drivers work harder than many in other professions. They have to empty their truck before their shift end and are definitely on late schedules this season.

  • Linda Cross says:

    We live in a semi rural area. My parents get their medications shipped to our home. Sometimes UPS will deliver to the post office and our rural carrier will then deliver it. Sometimes the UPS driver will deliver. Regardless of who it is, either the UPS driver or our rural carrier will then do one of the following: 1) Force the package into the mailbox causing us to struggle to pull it out without pulling the mailbox down. 2) Place the package inside of our car. This is done regardless of weather. We have had to return medications because they were placed inside the car in 100+ degree heat. My parents do not get out often and don’t check the car for packages. 3) They sit the package on TOP of the car. 4) They play a little game of tossing the package towards our porch, hitting the steps and bouncing back onto the grass.

    Our driveway is about 2 car lengths long. Just drive up, get out and place the dang package over the gate onto our cover porch. No matter how much I complain, they refuse to do this.

  • Right now I am having a problem with the USPS as they claimed they left my pkg in a locked pkg box I tracked it) and the key in my locked mailbox as is usual but I got no key and no pkg. I have put in two claims and talked briefly with one person who check and said it wasn’t at the post office and would get back to me. That was two weeks ago and repeated calls get a busy signal…I believe they are either lying about delivering it or put the key in the wrong box and someone here in my complex now has my daughter’s christmas present.

  • jboo says:

    My iPad was apparently left at my door, but we weren’t home. It was a signature required, but that was odd because no iPad when the tracking said delivered and signed by me!

    UPS said I signed and showed me my signature and time. I was still at work at 3pm. My apartment building has security cameras and when backed up we saw the driver knock, stood there and used his finger on the little box and left. Only one hour after it was left, stranger walked off with my box. Sure they paid the claim, but really?

    Thanks UPS for letting item get stolen. UPS drivers are LAZY I see this guy all the time throwing stuff up the front and it spills out of the steps. I guess our stuff isn’t important enough. Thanks UPS! United Piece of S***

  • Brian Salvi says:

    Another thing that they used to do was use fake signatures or take an old signature for a package you signed for, and use it for the current lost package to say that it was indeed delivered to you. I used to work for them for years off of Jefferson Ave., They did some shady stuff there.

    • Tracy. says:

      No Brian Salvi, they never took old signatures and used it for other packages. I’m not sure that is even possible the way their system is set up. Anytime a package is missing, policy is that the customer contacts their shipper, the shipper can then contact UPS. UPS will follow up with the customer to find out if they received their package and if they didn’t then UPS either pays to replace the package or refunds the money. After that, the customer is usually required to sign for their packages.

  • Virginia Hess says:

    No complaints about UPS from me. I think most drivers try to do their best, and if they could defend themselves on this site, you’d probably hear many stories about the public they serve and the problems they encounter. I’ve seen recent videos of people stealing items left beside front doors. So, give them a safe place to leave packages. Every driver I’ve had contact with has been a good chap, just trying to make a living.

  • KT says:

    The company’s information about what could have been done differently (by the customer I might add) does NOT excuse a delivery driver leaving a package in a TRASH CAN!!!!

  • Stevie Ray says:

    I live on a farm in a rural area and they’ve always been good to me.. Although my cousin’s uncle’s mother in laws friend had a neighbor that had their package delivered to their neighbors boyfriends house on the wrong side of town and they put it in a tree house.. :)
    My hat’s off to all those who have to deal with the public as much as these guys and gals do..(especially around the Holiday season).

  • That Guy says:

    I bet she got the tablet, wrote that on the UPS slip, and is now trying to get a free tablet or donations from people that fell sorry for her.

  • Linda says:

    I can’t imagine them leaving it in my trash can. It’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to reach to the bottom of an empty can to get it out – and how often do you look in your trash can to see if UPS left a package before throwing out trash? I don’t.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    Why does a CHILD need an android tablet? I am 21 and don’t even have one.Get her some books or a doll instead.

  • Wes says:

    I can’t believe the little girl was going to receive a tablet…way too young. How about signing her up for a sport or taking her to do something fun instead.

  • Joe says:

    I have my packages delivered to work…never a problem.

  • I had UPS deliver to Lawton Oklahoma and since I had the addresse wrong by one number it was sent to the wrong person. What really had me upset was the addresse they had was not a mailable adresse so I can not find where the package was sent to.UPS delivered and is not helping since it was delivered. This was a present for my grandbabie from Children’s Place who I have been able to contact either. I feel your pain.

  • JL says:

    ups are such idiots, they have real policy issues. i think they should make the driver/deliverer pay for the package instead, so the drivers will be more responsible.

  • Ds says:

    So apparently none of the ups supporters here have seen the hundreds of clips on utube of crappy ups drivers?

  • John says:

    Reminds me of a few years ago; initial information said “left on porch”… after a day of that the story changed to “left behind mailbox” (mailbox is at end of driveway not in view from the house). What I found was package placed in black plastic garbage bag in drainage ditch “behind mailbox”. I proposed to UPS that they add a “thrown in ditch” box to their delivery notification form. Avoid them if possible ever since.

  • Bleep says:

    This is just plain stupid. Yes, UPS does and has left packages at my front door, even pricey ones, which I was NOT fond of, but whatever. THIS however, leaving it IN a trash can? That’s the equivalent of an application installing itself into the recycle bin in windows. JUST PLAIN STEWPIID

  • Rainy J. says:

    UPS literally just did the same thing to me. I ordered a tablet from my phone company and they left it outside my door and I live in an apartment complex. When the carrier was contacted he said he left it on one of the stairwells on a step. There are about 4 stairwells in my apartment complex and the tablet wasn’t in any one of those stairwells. I was never left a note or anything stating where he left the package or that they even came. I only found out where it was when I called UPS directly because I checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered already. I had to reorder the tablet and make a police report and then my phone company was supposed to have it delivered to a UPS store in my town. UPS intercepted the delivery and delivered it to a location that was obnoxiously far from me because they wanted to make sure I actually received the package this time. Calls to them by me and my phone company to have the package delivered to my job were unsuccessful. Ultimately I paid $50 for a cab ride to this UPS store to pick up my tablet. I absolutely hate UPS and their services. Worst delivery company ever. A package that should have taken 2 days to deliver was finally received after 3 weeks. Unbelievable. I don’t care how many hours you work. Common sense doesn’t go out the window after 13 hours.

  • Diane says:

    In spite of knowing that UPS has a policy that requires the buyer to contact the place purchased from, it doesnt change the fact that the UPS man made a mistake… If I was her, I would have done whatever I had to, to get a replacement in time for Christmas. How many of you would want to have to make your child wait for their present? Also, I want to make sure I say this clearly, yes it was a result of the UPS man leaving the package in the trash can, but he made a mistake! Just like I have to remember that even though it was a police officers fault my sister is dead because he hit her with his cruiser…he did not leave his house that morning and think to himself, I’m going to kill someone today….his fault yes, but he made a mistake, as humans tend to do!!!! And unfortunately, some mistakes can be very costly…or in my sister’s case…PRICELESS!

  • freezer44 says:

    None of you a***oles have a clue what a UPS driver does in an average day. They have to deliver hundreds of packages per shift. You think they have time to wait while you waddle to your front door? If they did, NOBODY would get their delivery on time.

  • Sheila Hall says:

    I buy a lot of things from some things recently 2013 Nov. Some of the packages are completely crushed has holes in them. If its liquid eye care products it drips. But UPS will fix what they can on delivery. Im calling Walmart they sent it in a very flimsy box. UPS dosent really care about customers. I think UPS is blamed for delivery problems. Whens its business you bought something from.

  • Alice Rose says:

    Proper investigation should be done because we never know what really did happen to that. This can be a warning to everyone because this time of the year people knows that there are many gift packages that are sent to homes and opportunistic people my grab that chance to steal. I hope that kid will get his new tablet before Christmas!

  • Sara says:

    When I saw this story I thought the same thing! I have a lot of stuff delivered and never in a trash can come on! … I want a follow up to this story and I bet we are right!

  • Pam says:

    Not all UPS drivers are good. I’m disabled and home all day.. The driver that comes here never knocks and I never know where a package might be left., For me every delivery becomes an easter egg hunt! I think UPS is making bad deliveries to get ppl to join that my choice program to make them extra money.. You must work for them to accuse someone else like you have. UPS stopped having good customer service a few yrs ago!

  • Robin says:

    Adam I have had ups drop off packages and leave them on my front porch, beside my garage by trash cans and in back of my house in a shed. Im sure the driver wantwd to keep it from weather, depending on where in barnhart some trash men will grab your cans from beside house or garage, as I often forget to put mine out

  • Pam, you are correct in stating that not all UPS drivers are good. There are some good ones out there but …. Like you, I am disabled. Our driver (when they actually come to the right door) will knock once and be back in the truck driving away before I can hardly even get to the door! It’s like they are racing something.

  • jason smith says:

    so no obstacles you had no problem walking to mailbox an getting your packages huh???? So whats the problem?

  • Tracy. says:

    They are racing something. They’re racing to get home before 8 o’clock at night. They are racing the clock doing sometimes over 300 deliveries a day at this time of year. Do you think they have time to stand at every door holding your package,waiting for you to answer when in fact most people aren’t even home?

  • Tracy. says:

    They are racing something. They’re racing to get home before 8 o’clock at night. They are racing the clock doing sometimes over 300 deliveries a day at this time of year. Do you think they have time to stand at every door holding your package,waiting for you to answer when in fact most people aren’t even home?

  • No but they could leave a note saying they could not leave it safely and for her to come to the center and get it. Or to call them with a time as they have done in the past.

  • Brian Salvi says:

    Actually they have a whole slew of employees whose sole job it is to determine shortest routes, tell the drivers how many steps it should take them from the truck to a particular door, always make right turns, etc… Time is money for them, big brother is huge in that company.

  • Tracy. says:

    My response was to Michelle K sublett’s comment: “Our driver (when they actually come to the right door) will knock once and be back in the truck driving away before I can hardly even get to the door! It’s like they are racing something.”, not to the lady whose Android was missing. Also, I’m not sure how far in the past that you’re going, but I know that for at least the last 20 years, UPS has never called with a time. They don’t guarantee delivery times unless you pay for next day air service.

  • RB says:

    A huge problem in my area, especially this time of year, are the people who are watching for delivery trucks. It is quite common for the package to be scooped up before you even have a chance to retrieve it. Luckily my dog informs me when the package has arrived, but many a neighbor has had a delivery scammed in this way.

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